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In 1852, Samuel Snyder built a log cabin, which was the first permanent structure in what is now Norwalk. The settlement began to grow and was platted in 1856 by George M. Swan, who became the small community's second postmaster. 

Swan is also responsible for changing the name from Pyra to Norwalk, in honor of his former home in Norwalk, Ohio.Norwalk was incorporated in 1900 with Adam Stiffler serving as its first mayor. At that time, the town was one square mile in size.

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 The City of Norwalk offers a distinct identity— a family-friendly and economically strong community with a business friendly atmosphere conveniently located in the southern part of the metro. Norwalk shares borders with neighboring cities of Des Moines, West Des Moines and Cumming and serves as the closest suburban community to the Des Moines International Airport. 

 Norwalk features a newer housing stock, world class schools (in a smaller school district) and some of the best golf around.   Voted Businessweek's "Best Affordable Suburb" in Iowa in 2010, Norwalk reaps the benefit of being one of the preeminent suburban communities in the Des Moines Metro.  Our median income is over $20,000 more per household than the rest of Iowa 

and higher than the Des Moines Metro.  

The business environment in Norwalk is diverse, , ranging from the recently complete Capital City Fruit to smaller locally owned restaurants like Rosco’s.  The Des Moines Metro is routinely recognized too with multiple accolades from magazines like Forbes to CNN. 

 Norwalk Iowa is here to help your business grow, we have the land, labor and location for almost any business model.  In addition, the low cost of doing business and living in the Des Moines Metro  makes us attractive to employers and employees. 

 As part of the Des Moines Metro, Norwalk benefits when the entire metro grows.  We share the targeted industries, knowing when the metro succeeds, so does Norwalk.  In addition to the metro’s key industries,Financial ServicesLogisticsBioscience and Data Centers, Norwalk is primed for retail development.  With one of the lowest retails sales per capita in the entire state, Norwalk residents typically shop in neighboring communities, making Norwalk primed for retail development.   


 Norwalk offers tax abatement for both new and existing commercial and industrial developments, offering significant savings for nearly every development.    

 Additional incentives may be available for primary businesses (manufacturing, wholesale trade, information technology, financing, insurance, etc) and/or developments requiring significant infrastructure development. 


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