Ok kids here's the deal....Yes of course you can still sell your home during the Holidays! There are always buyers looking for a home. Sure we tend to see a little less home buying as soon as that ugly S word starts getting thrown around. Of course I'm talking about SNOW! This past year we were seeing record lows when it comes to inventory. We are still looking at a sellers market meaning you should strongly consider having your home on the market if you are interested in selling. I have many that say they are waiting until spring because they believe that is the time when most will be selling & looking. Makes complete sense to me! Why not wait until you have a lot more competition to deal with. That one buyer that would be perfect for your home can now pick & choose since you waited for more homes to hit the market in Des Moines. OK now that we think about it maybe waiting isn't the smartest idea? Yeah probably not so much.